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How many more placements could your team make if you got 40 Engineering Manager-level screens every month?

Technical Journey of Two Decades

Recruiters are not technical, but they are thrust into a role of being a broker between two highly technical audiences: Engineering Managers and IT candidates. The velocity and asynchronous nature of a Recruiter’s day-to-day makes it difficult to impart technical knowledge.

TechScreen CEO and co-founder Mark Knowlton took 20 years to painfully acquire technical knowledge to amass the IP it took to launch the world’s first SaaS platform that empowers recruiters to conduct detailed technical interviews. We created the world’s largest technical content library curated specifically for non-technical, combined with our technical interview platform to offer the world’s largest technical knowledge ecosystem for recruiters.

TechScreen Using AI to Close Technical Gap

TechScreen pioneered empowering recruiters to ask technical questions by providing the answers, effectively turning the UI into a script. However, the freeform narrative of the conversation can be difficult to track for a non-technical person. Enter Artificial Intelligence.

Our TechScreen 5.0 platform became the first tool in the world that uses AI Verify to accurately score and summarize a live verbal interview on the fly in Q4 of 2023. In our mission to reduce the friction in helping recruiters screen candidates, we are offering Screening-as-a-Service. This provides Engineering Manager-level scrutiny on every candidate conversation, so recruiters can present screened candidates without taking the time to do the screen.

AI Verify Offers the Manager Evidence

TechScreen provides the world’s only AI that accurately scores a live verbal interview on the fly.

Users can use AI Verify for themselves or we can do it for you by offering Screening-as-a-Service.

Screening-as-a-Service lets you book an interview and get the Verinalysis back in 90 minutes. Other outsourced interview options can take up to a week to get a result.

Managers using agencies could see dozens of candidates per role, making it very hard for your candidate to stand out.

What is a more interesting read for a manager: Resume No. 67 or reading a candidate’s explanation of how the Garbage Collection algorithm in Java works?

A manager scans a resume in seconds. The Verinalysis pulls them in because they are reading unfiltered evidence of a candidate’s technical insight.

We give your candidate an exponentially better chance to stand out vs. candidates who are only sent with a resume.

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The Resume...
A Relic of the Past

Leonardo DaVinci is credited with having invented the resume in 1482. He wrote down his accomplishments and used the document to encourage wealthy patrons to fund his work. Fast forward over 500 years and the resume hasn’t really changed. However, it universally remains the epicenter of how a recruiter attempts to communicate with the hiring manager.

Engineering Managers make decisions on the job with data, but reading a resume forces them to make assumptions. We want make it easier for Recruiters to make their case by providing evidence of a candidate’s technical insight. AI Verify generates a Verinalysis report that provides a precise analysis of how well a candidate answered technical questions based on the clients’ deliverables and tech stack. A resume shows work and educational history. The Verinalysis shows how well they can articulate deeply technical subjects. Which topic is going to get the manager’s attention and interest?

TechScreen’s Four Pillars

TechScreen is driven by a few key components that are essential for the success of you and your team. We understand that recruiters are not technologists and need to be able to rely on our technical knowledge. With that in mind, we have pioneered the methodology of Dynamic Engagement, which has four primary pillars.

Vastly simplify technical content so it can be understood by a non-technologist.

Serve it in such tiny slices it can be internalized for future use.

Present it in real-time, while users are actually recruiting.

Remove the need to commit the content to memory.

How many more placements could your team make if you got
40 Engineering Manager-level submittals every month?

Client Reviews

Shawn G.

I can customize for my clients exactly the questions they want us to screen for. The clients love the idea that they can have input on how candidates can get screened specifically for their roles, so we don’t waste their time and we increase our value in the eyes of our clients.

Jaze P

I am super impressed with their certified training program. The platform is easy to use and for a small company wanting to build its own little HR department, TechScreen will certainly be an indispensable tool to use when looking for new staff.

Chris C.

TechScreen is an excellent tool to help a Recruiter better evaluate technical talent. An additional benefit to using this platform is the knowledge and enrichment that the Recruiter will receive. They will become more technically knowledgeable, more comfortable discussing technology, and build stronger credibility with the candidates.

Alex L.

This software makes it very easy and quick to qualify candidates for a variety of different skill sets. There are several skills with pre-loaded questions and anticipated answers along with highlighted buzzwords to listen for. This helped tremendously for skills I am unfamiliar with as it kept me engaged with the explanations to determine whether candidates were qualified. In addition, I enjoyed the ability to rank responses. Candidates who used examples to back their answers can be rewarded with a higher score.

Bradley P.

TechScreen is easy to use. It satisfies our compliance with clients and we can close a candidate on a single call instead of sending an assessment to the candidate's email.

John F.

The software was the best setup I've experienced. It was intuitive and walked me through each step. I was never left wondering what to do next or how to accomplish something. I had very few questions about the system because it was built with a genius mindset of ease of use and complete functionality. I was able to quickly set up the type of position I was hiring for and easily select from the questions pertaining to that job. The system is super smart and separates questions into categories of level of difficulty because you may not be hiring an engineer, maybe just an entry level tech support position. The software has it all for you built right in, so you never have to create your own questions.

Tony M.

Great tool for my recruiting teams to qualify the technical skills of prospective candidates. It is low cost compared to other testing tools Great customer support - they partner with you to learn your team’s needs and work to meet them. Easy to use and train on - doesn't slow down my recruiters and increases the time to submit.

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