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Recruiters are your firm’s catalyst, BUT

Recruiters are naturals at networking, getting referrals and using various sourcing tools to find new targets. It is hard for them to ask deep, probing technical questions while keeping it within the cadence of their busy days. They need to be able to pivot and screen a technical candidate at a moment’s notice. Enter AI Verify.

Keep your Recruiters Focused on Hunting


Agency Recruiters face many challenges. They are targeting talent that is getting bombarded with emails and texts to work their firm. Each recruiter inherits all of the poor experiences one of their targets have ever had with other recruiters, so they often begin a search in a poor light.

What are you doing to help them stand apart from other recruiters?

Enter AI Verify.

Our AI Verify platform has questions and answers for over 140 IT skills, so the recruiter can use it as part of the job intake call. Your people will sound different from other recruiters because they are asking real technical questions, with one massive difference: AI Verify will score the accuracy of the interview and write up an analysis as if you outsourced both tasks to a seasoned Engineering Manager.

Cut $pend on sourcing, ads and harvest the ATS

There are a blizzard of sourcing tools that help recruiters find new candidates to target. However tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, ZoomInfo and Hiring Solved charge five figures for one annual license; arming an entire team of recruiters can easily run into six figures for just one department.

The other serious shortcoming of screening tools is that they don’t do a thing to help a recruiter qualify a candidate or present one to a hiring manager.

Your firm’s job ads have been helping fill the ATS for years, but many candidates go untouched because a position had a group of finalists even as new applicants are streaming in. Enter AI Verify.

Agencies could save a fortune by cutting back on pricy sourcing tools and just start targeting people who have applied to a job in the past. Make a list of your highest volume recurring hire profiles and create custom interviews for them. Don’t spend money on more job ads to find new suspects before you dip into your own ATS to qualify people who already chose to engage with your firm.

Aren’t you sick of a revolving door of recruiters due to their lack of success navigating the vast tech space? Give your recruiters the confidence they need to properly assess technology candidates and contact our team today!

AI Verify offers the Manager evidence

TechScreen provides the world’s only AI that accurately scores a live verbal interview and generates a deep analysis of it on the fly

Users can use AI Verify for themselves or we can do it for you by offering Screening-as-a-Service by offering 40 Engineering Manager-level screens in a month

Screening-as-a-Service lets you book an interview and get the Verinalysis back in 90 minutes. Other outsourced interview options can take up to a week to get a result

Managers using agencies could see dozens of candidates per role, making it very hard for your candidate to stand out

What is a more interesting read for a manager: Resume No. 67 or reading a candidate’s explanation of how the Garbage Collection algorithm in Java works?

A manager scans a resume in seconds. The Verinalysis pulls them in because they are reading unfiltered evidence of a candidate’s technical insight

We give your candidate an exponentially better chance to stand out vs. candidates who are only sent with a resume

Want to discuss how
to better assess IT

What Does TechScreen Provide to Your Clients?

Technical Knowledge Accelerator Platform

TechScreen, powered by AI Verify, allows your clients to receive better submissions from your recruiters. You will be able to provide them with:

TechScreen’s Four Pillars

TechScreen is driven by a few key components that are essential for the success of you and your team. We understand that recruiters are not technologists and need to be able to rely on our technical knowledge. With that in mind, we have pioneered the methodology of Dynamic Engagement, which has four primary pillars.

Vastly simplify technical content so it can be understood by a non-technologist.

Serve it in such tiny slices it can be internalized for future use.

Present it in real-time, while users are actually recruiting.

Remove the need to commit the content to memory.

What training have you provided your recruiters to technically evaluate candidates? Want to solve the problem of educating your recruiters and providing clients with technically evaluated candidates?

Client Reviews

Shawn G.

I can customize for my clients exactly the questions they want us to screen for. The clients love the idea that they can have input on how candidates can get screened specifically for their roles, so we don’t waste their time and we increase our value in the eyes of our clients.

Jaze P

I am super impressed with their certified training program. The platform is easy to use and for a small company wanting to build its own little HR department, TechScreen will certainly be an indispensable tool to use when looking for new staff.

Chris C.

TechScreen is an excellent tool to help a Recruiter better evaluate technical talent. An additional benefit to using this platform is the knowledge and enrichment that the Recruiter will receive. They will become more technically knowledgeable, more comfortable discussing technology, and build stronger credibility with the candidates.

Alex L.

This software makes it very easy and quick to qualify candidates for a variety of different skill sets. There are several skills with pre-loaded questions and anticipated answers along with highlighted buzzwords to listen for. This helped tremendously for skills I am unfamiliar with as it kept me engaged with the explanations to determine whether candidates were qualified. In addition, I enjoyed the ability to rank responses. Candidates who used examples to back their answers can be rewarded with a higher score.

Bradley P.

TechScreen is easy to use. It satisfies our compliance with clients and we can close a candidate on a single call instead of sending an assessment to the candidate's email.

John F.

The software was the best setup I've experienced. It was intuitive and walked me through each step. I was never left wondering what to do next or how to accomplish something. I had very few questions about the system because it was built with a genius mindset of ease of use and complete functionality. I was able to quickly set up the type of position I was hiring for and easily select from the questions pertaining to that job. The system is super smart and separates questions into categories of level of difficulty because you may not be hiring an engineer, maybe just an entry level tech support position. The software has it all for you built right in, so you never have to create your own questions.

Tony M.

Great tool for my recruiting teams to qualify the technical skills of prospective candidates. It is low cost compared to other testing tools Great customer support - they partner with you to learn your team’s needs and work to meet them. Easy to use and train on - doesn't slow down my recruiters and increases the time to submit.

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