Video Interviews and Assessments: The New Norm in IT Talent Acquisition (AI)

video interviews

A profound transformation has taken place with the advent of video interviews and assessments. As the global workforce adapts to new norms and digital paradigms, organizations seeking to identify and hire top IT talent are embracing these innovative tools to streamline their recruitment processes. Face-to-face interviews as the primary means of evaluating candidates have decreased; […]

Keeping Bias Out: Tools and Techniques for Objective Technical Interviews

technical interviews

Staffing firms play a critical role in connecting skilled IT candidates with job opportunities, often facilitating technical interviews to assess their qualifications and fit for specific roles. However, ensuring fairness and equity in the technical interview process is crucial to promote diversity and prevent bias. In this post, we explore various strategies that IT staffing […]

Technically Qualifying Without Being Technical

Technically qualifying without being technical

Speaking to a developer can be daunting for a recruiter. This is especially true for a junior recruiter, but self-confidence is not a surrogate for detailed knowledge even when you are talking about a veteran recruiter. There are plenty of recruiters who kid themselves into giving themselves more credit than they deserve for being “technical”, […]