Use AI to Crush Your Sales & Recruiting KPIs

AI is being injected into almost every HR Tech product, but most of it automates tasks to save time. TechScreen’s AI Verify helps you get paid. Our webinar “Use AI to Crush Your KPIs” will show you how.

  • TechScreen’s AI Verify is the only platform in the world that uses AI to accurately score and summarize a verbal interview on the fly.
  • We effectively turn any rookie IT Recruiter into an Engineering Manager because AI Verify compares the candidate’s answers to technical questions the recruiter reads from their screen with the correct, curated answers in our database. Then our generative AI writes a detailed analysis of the interview with a summary under each question. In under just 5 minutes, we generate a detailed analysis of the interview that would take a human Engineering Manager 1-2 hours to produce.
  • We will also show Account Executives how to use the platform to prospect and we create branded marketing content that explains and illustrates the value proposition, giving them the ideal follow-up opportunity: “Can I show you how our AI interview platform works?”
  • Recruiters get fired for not getting enough send outs and starts. AEs get fired for not getting enough meetings and tangible job orders. AI Verify helps all of our users CRUSH their KPIs.

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