AI-Powered Resume Screening: Finding the Perfect Match

AI-powered resume screening is a process where artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are used to evaluate and shortlist resumes in the hiring process. This technology typically involves the use of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to scan, read and understand the content of resumes. Here’s an overview of how it works and how it […]

The Love-Hate Relationship: Unpacking Tech Professionals’ Frustrations with IT Recruiters

IT Recruiter

Tech professionals often feel disillusioned due to past experiences with IT recruiters. These negative interactions have unfortunately perpetuated the stereotype that all recruiters are unresponsive and solely focused on filling vacancies. Additionally, these technology professionals get frustrated with the tech recruiters’ knowledge of the technology. Consequently, there’s a nuanced dynamic between IT specialists and the […]

Independence Day for IT Recruiters

IT Recruiters have always had an adversarial relationship with the audiences with whom they interact: Hiring managers and the talent. There has always been a fractious veneer to the working dynamic between Recruiters and the Engineering audience with whom they work. A large part of that friction is owing to the fact that Recruiters are […]

Technical Literacy platform newest category in HR Tech universe

he HR Tech Universe has no shortage of product categories: Applicant Tracking Systems, Workforce Management, Compensation, Time & Attendance, Performance Management, Learning Management Systems, Sourcing, Technical Evaluation and Candidate Relationship Management are among the portfolio of tools available to HR organizations. IT recruiters may make use of many of them as an employee, but there’s […]

Recruiters have uphill battle when it comes to learning about technology

IT recruiters are often bashed by the people they recruit because they don’t understand technology. This is unfortunate, but it is also unfair. Most IT recruiters enter the space via an agency because staffing firms are one of the few businesses willing to hire recruiters who have zero experience. Many of them don’t like the […]