Use AI to help mine gold in your own ATS

Hiring has always historically trailed the economy. HR professionals tend to err on the side of caution when committing resources to adding headcount and we have been seeing this in action ever since the Pandemic. No one can predict what the economy is going to do in the future, but companies can do something now […]

The Impact of Bad Experiences: How Trust is Lost in IT Recruitment

IT recruitment

Negative candidate experiences have several detrimental effects in IT recruitment, not just for the individual candidates but also for staffing firms, the hiring companies and the overall reputation of the IT industry. Behaviors That Lose IT Candidate’s Trust IT recruiters lose the trust of candidates in several ways, often due to practices that reflect poorly […]

Case Studies In Tech Hiring: AI Success Stories And Lessons Learned From Top Companies

Tech Hiring

Creating innovative tech hiring solutions through tech screening candidates is a multi-faceted approach that revolutionizes the recruitment process for companies and staffing firms. This blog delves into the intricate challenges of IT hiring, highlighting the experiences of two distinct companies. It offers a comprehensive analysis of how these organizations successfully navigated their recruitment obstacles. Securing […]

Navigating the Maze: The Fractures in Today’s IT Recruiting Process & the AI Solution

The landscape of IT recruiting has become something of a paradoxical entity. At one end of the spectrum, there’s an ever-growing demand for innovative tech talent in an industry that’s expanding at breakneck speed. On the other, there’s a prevailing sentiment among both employers and candidates that the recruiting process is broken, fraught with inefficiencies […]

The Love-Hate Relationship: Unpacking Tech Professionals’ Frustrations with IT Recruiters

IT Recruiter

Tech professionals often feel disillusioned due to past experiences with IT recruiters. These negative interactions have unfortunately perpetuated the stereotype that all recruiters are unresponsive and solely focused on filling vacancies. Additionally, these technology professionals get frustrated with the tech recruiters’ knowledge of the technology. Consequently, there’s a nuanced dynamic between IT specialists and the […]

Taking the Guesswork Out of Recruiting: The Importance of Screening IT Candidates

Screening IT candidates

Screening IT candidates is a challenging process without the right tools. Whether you are a recruiter at a staffing firm or a corporate talent acquisition manager, how do you validate IT candidates to ensure they are the right fit for the job? According to LinkedIn, “Recruiting teams estimate that 15-20% of candidates are dishonest in […]

Screen Talent or Influence Managers?

Screen talent or influence managers?

TechScreen was originally built to help recruiters do a more effective job in screening IT talent, which it does. However, time has revealed that screening isn’t the most impactful element our tool offers. The biggest impact we offer is the fact we help you influence the hiring manager’s decision-making process. It doesn’t matter if you […]

Tool Built to Screen IT Candidates Actually Was Meant for Salespeople

When I started TechScreen in 2015, it was meant to scale the process I had been using to screen IT candidates dating back to the late ’90s. Learning how to ask detailed technical questions to developers took a very long time, but I saw the value in being able to determine which candidates were worth […]