Technology Can’t Replace Engaging With Manager

Technology can’t replace engaging with manager

Artificial Intelligence is easily the hottest term in HR Tech. All the categories — Sourcing, ATS, HCM, assessments, video interviewing — are feverishly looking for ways to inject AI and machine learning into all of their products. There is a great benefit to automating a lot of the tedious, time-consuming tasks on the plate of […]

Technically Qualifying Without Being Technical

Technically qualifying without being technical

Speaking to a developer can be daunting for a recruiter. This is especially true for a junior recruiter, but self-confidence is not a surrogate for detailed knowledge even when you are talking about a veteran recruiter. There are plenty of recruiters who kid themselves into giving themselves more credit than they deserve for being “technical”, […]

Screen Talent or Influence Managers?

Screen talent or influence managers?

TechScreen was originally built to help recruiters do a more effective job in screening IT talent, which it does. However, time has revealed that screening isn’t the most impactful element our tool offers. The biggest impact we offer is the fact we help you influence the hiring manager’s decision-making process. It doesn’t matter if you […]

Introducing The Industry’s Only Technical Knowledge Platform

By Mark Knowlton You’re likely familiar with the expression ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. Well, the Recruiting industry has been going through ‘self-perpetuating redundancy’ for its entire history. Nearly all people who get into IT recruiting get their start in Staffing. Corporate TA doesn’t hire completely green new grads because there are too many people with real qualifications […]

Tool Built to Screen IT Candidates Actually Was Meant for Salespeople

When I started TechScreen in 2015, it was meant to scale the process I had been using to screen IT candidates dating back to the late ’90s. Learning how to ask detailed technical questions to developers took a very long time, but I saw the value in being able to determine which candidates were worth […]

Our Client Realized Staffing’s Holy Grail

Our client realized staffing’s Holy Grail

It’s nice when your expectations are exceeded, but it is truly rare when they go beyond your most wildly optimistic ambitions. I was checking in on clients last Friday and I caught one who had a real issue. He said he was frustrated by the process one of his customers insisted upon, one that involved […]

Training Can’t Stop For IT Recruiters

By Mark Knowlton IT Recruiters have a unique set of challenges among knowledge workers. With minor exceptions, most people enter IT Recruiting through one of the following paths: Get hired at an agency right out of college Transition into an agency role as a career-changer from some other sales or administrative role. Corporate TA departments […]

Helping AEs Get More Meetings Means More JOs and Weekly Gross Margin

Staffing Account Executives are under intense pressure to get meetings and fill jobs. So many IT staffing firms hire inexperienced AEs, who face unyielding KPI pressure while learning the business basics. That is just the beginning of their challenges. So many IT hiring managers hold the opinion that staffing is more of a commodity than […]