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TechScreen, powered by AI Verify, makes it possible for recruiters or Corporate Talent Acquisition professionals to quality check and successfully vet tech candidates across various areas of IT. How will they know what to ask and how to decipher answers?

Our technology provides tech recruiters with what questions to ask about a specific technology and what should be included in a good response. Our tool turns a non-educated recruiter to an educated one. TechScreen secures more quality candidate placements, which means more revenue for both you and your client. Utilizing AI Verify, each candidate is also evaluated and scored by our artificial intelligence while also providing a detailed write up to share with your client to prove the quality of your technical screening.

We are so confident that you will see the value of TechScreen that we are offering you a two-week free trial. Go to buy now, select a single user and enter coupon code RecRevolution to receive your free trial.

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